For your convenience, our most common queries are answered right here.
If you still have questions, get in touch directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: Which is the best class for me/my child?
A: Please have a look at our timetables page as you should get a good idea from this. If you are still unsure, please do get in touch.

Q: Will I have to buy a uniform?
A: For children, we recommend that they trial the classes in their own comfortable clothing for a few weeks before investing in a uniform. We offer various uniform packages at a discounted rate and most of the time, uniform is available within a week of being ordered (except sometimes branded goods as this can take a little longer if we have none in stock.) We do offer branded t-shirts and hoodies for adults but these are not compulsory. However, we do recommend that if you intend to continue with classes, you invest in at least the correct footwear which can be ordered via Dance Trix.

Q: What are the costs involved?
A: We pride ourselves on being a more affordable dance school while still offering our students with some amazing opportunities. We charge termly for our children’s classes and have monthly package prices for our adult classes also (from £28 per month).
As a dance school, each year we offer every student the chance to participate in a) a theatre show and b) exams. There are costs involved in this but these are always kept to a minimum and subsidised wherever possible- participation is recommended but not compulsory. For exams, the fee is around £22-£32 to enter each student and then we charge a show fee of between £60-£80 depending on how many dances your child is in, this covers the dress rehearsal cost and costumes. Adult performers pay for costumes and dress rehearsal separately.
From time to time we also run events and parties for our dancers for which we charge a small cost to attend (between £3-£8 depending on the activities available). Again, these are optional events for all our dancers.