Most of our students choose to participate in our annual exams. These are usually held locally and parents are notified of the venue well in advance. We will always provide several months’ notice about exam dates and any children aged four years and over can be entered.

Exams are officiated by the Professional Teachers of Dancing (PTD) and providing the candidates pass the exams, they will be awarded a medal or certificate depending on the exam that has been undertaken.

They are not at all intimidating! Students will learn either a set of exercises or a routine and perform this to music in front of an examiner; younger students will go in to the exam with Leanne or Katie who can prompt them if required.

This is a great confidence booster for all participants involved and some even chose to take their awards in to show and tell at school.

Adult students are also welcome to participate in exams and on successful completion are given an award. This is a great way to put your new-found skills into practice.

Show date 2019- Saturday 6th July at the Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford with the dress rehearsal on Sunday 30th June at the same venue

We also have several opportunities to perform for children and adults alike. We do demonstrations and workshops at various school fetes and town events and host a yearly show in June. These events are great fun event for all and many students really enjoy getting dressed up in costumes and performing in front of their families.

Should you or your child wish to participate in shows, stage costumes will be needed. As a dance school, we will always endeavour to keep costume costs to a minimum and subsidise where possible but from time to time we will need parents to assist in covering this cost. We will always inform parents of the amount that will be needed well in advance- typically this will be around a cost of £5-£10 per dance costume. We will of course re-use some elements of costumes i.e. basic black leotards.